Saturday, November 26, 2005


昨天早晨第一次在自己駕車時有bumping事件 (feel like bumping car in "reality") ... 在差不多到達目的地時, 我進入轉左lane, 可能地面積雪較多, 車子未能在預期的距離停下, 結果bump into 前面的車 ...

當時有點驚惶, 因為從未試過碰到人家的車子... 但神真恩待我, 對方好友善, 當下車檢察車時, 發覺對方的bumper 上有少許的"花痕" (scratches). 他猶豫了一會然後說: "沒有關係, 只是很少的事罷了" ... 跟著還問我是否OK ...

當時的感覺是... hm ... 是憐憫 ... 憐憫在現實生活上顯出來是何等的美善 ... 然後想到神對自己更大的憐憫, 心裏感恩不斷~~

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Name Change

Now that I'm surrounded by "numbers" over 12 hours a day, thought might as well change my name to a number - to really hide away in numbers ... and "0909" comes to mind ... Aside the fact that it looks like a mirror image of my nick "POPO", it is also a very special date in my life. Four years ago on 0909, I accepted God's invitation and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal saviour.

Four years already ... time flies, and at times I wish it is slower ... But God's grace and mercy are always more than Enough!!

Monday, November 21, 2005


最近到了讚美之泉的巡迴敬拜聚會... 當中有一首以前從未聽過的詩歌, 歌詞很好... 很觸動自己... 聚會完後, 我便立刻到會場外去購買這隻CD ... 然後記起...

其實這張CD 早在多個月前的書室中看到... 當時拿在掌心, 心在掙扎要否把它買下來... 最後我沒有, 因為覺得message 好像好重, 自己未ready ...

神真是對我這個軟弱的人很好... 永遠都給我憐憫 ... 很多時候真的感到慚愧, 不配, 因自己對神的回應常是遲緩, 但祂總是給我機會 ... 沒有放棄我, 沒有撇下我不理. 當我最不可愛時, 祂仍深愛我...

有時候真的很怕 ... 怕自己對神的愛心不能持久, 會經不起考驗 ... 但我知道祂會幫助我, 會找緊我 ... 雖然前面的方向是怎樣還是不知道, 但願我更明暸神的旨意, 叫我更有信心的, 更有目標的走我人生的路, 榮耀祂!
願意和大家分享這首詩歌, 希望它都成為你的禱告...

主告訴我 如何獻上我的生命
主告訴我 如何付出我的關懷


差遣我 差遣我 我願付出我所有
差遣我 到需要祢的人群中
充滿我 充滿我 用祢愛來充滿我
再一次 緊握他們的手

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Abstract from PDL Daily Devotional

February 1, 2005 Daily Devotional

From God’s point of view our struggles are over that fast. He knows what He’s doing. He knows why things happen, even if we never do. He has His purposes, and that’s what faith is all about: believing this when we’re stuck in the long haul. All along the way God knows the outcome.

And I suppose there is a way you could say this was true for all of us who put our trust in God for whatever we are going through, and whatever the outcome, including even death itself. God sees it completed. His healing is instant. His comment is always going to be the same.

“But she’s okay now!”

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Blessed be YOUR name!!

I am so blessed ... Never knew how many angels God has put in my life ... my bad, my oversight ... I'm so blessed to have so many different circles of friends who give me a gentle pad on the shoulder, inspiring and encouraging words, and most importantly, enormous sincere prayer support~~ Blessed be YOUR name~~~~