Sunday, October 03, 2010


"The courage required to face our fears will not come to us because we are brave but because we know we are loved." ~ Helen Cepero, Journaling as a Spiritual Practice - encountering God through attentive writing.

Really should have known this, but as I read this line, I realized I don't!! (Head-wise maybe, heart-wise and life-wise, not yet.) Courage does not come out of us, but firstmost our God, who is trustworthy, faithful, loving, and unchanging. He may also through others, communities we are in, to give us courage. As I'm facing with fears of losing, fear of unable to be in control, where am I finding the courage to cope, to face, and to live on in life? I do turn to God, but not fully submit or fully embracing Him, still struggling to see what's in me to face the challenges. God is more than enough for me is not simply a line of lyrics, it really is a fact. Fact that no matter what, He still loves me and I'm still loved!

How do I truly grasp it and live it? How do I let God minister others through me? The "how's" are still the question. With increased awareness, I am praying that God will let me be more alert to His moves both in and out of my life~~

No matter where you are in your journey, may you be reminded that you are loved by the Creator God today and always, may you have the strength and courage to face the uncertainties, the challenges ahead of you.