Monday, March 31, 2008

Learning to pray boldly

I'm a slow learner, always need to take the time for things to sink down both in heart and in mind before I can grab a new idea / concept. Been working on a group project lately re: boldness in prayers ... I guess after a month of hard work, it seems to "sink" a bit for me.

I start to challenge myself more as I pray ... do I really mean it? Do I really believe that God can do that? Don't pray superficial prayers! Because of my assurance in Him, I can pray boldly!! These all go through my mind as I pray. No new lesson, it's probably something I've heard since going to church, yet it is making more and more sense to me, continue to lit me over time ... That I believe is REALITY~~

"Taste and see that the Lord is good ... " (Ps 34:8) - one of my favorite bible verses which I like it more and more over time, for I never fail to see THE goodness as I prompt to taste and see.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

受傷 ...

想不到人的心是如此的脆弱, 更想不到的是 ... 自己亦不能幸免. 傷心並不是要眼淚不斷地下滑, 也不一定要呼天搶地 ... 可以是很平靜, 安靜 ... 眾人看不出你的哀傷, 那未便可以自憐, 沈醉在自己的思緒中. 是失望, 是開始有點兒灰心 ... 為何, 為何總是如此?? 不被理解, 反被誤會, 被中傷 ... 年復一年, 每況愈下 ... 連自己也開始懷疑 ... 像是沒有進步, 成熟, 感覺虚空 ... ... 真的怕, 真的怕心已淡了 .... 但會傷心應總不算太冷吧~~ 這份心疼又有誰明, 又有誰願意傾聽? (唯獨祢~~)

這樣的心情讓我想起這首歌 ... (前奏開始...)

燈光也暗了 音樂低聲了
窗外陰天了 人是無聊了

*電話響起了 你要說話了
是你變了 是你變了

燈光熄滅了 音樂靜止了
天下起雨了 人是不快樂


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mar 1008 poem

I like poems .. a good way to express feelings, wild ideas and many more ... Haven't written for long that it's getting rusty (though I wonder if it ever being better =P ). Anyway, here's an idea came to mind again that I would like to dedicate to all my dear friends~~

Mar 1008 poem
You are an awesome creation
. in the image of Your Master
You have tons of potential
. for being who you are

With the fall of human nation
. creatures are all being defaced
Thanks to His unfailing love
. we are never effaced

For His great mercies and love
. genuine fellowship is made available
In truth, in love, and in wisdom
. we build each other up to the optimal potential

Should I shy away from being pinpointed my weaknesses
. remind me of this fishy poem
Gently and continuously stand by my side
. holding me up and be my companion

Forgive my straight abrasive comments
. there are no harmful intention
Forgoing my gentle reputation
. for a growing brighter star

Treasure your genuine fellowship
. and the walk with me today
Remembering every bit of it
. till the everlasting day