Sunday, March 01, 2009

Abraham's faith

I think I can better apprehend the faith of Abraham ... but may be I'm still a long way.

Be obedient even to give up your seemingly one and only last hope!! Hope that is so dear to your heart and one that God promised - be father of many many. If I were Abraham walking up the hill ... what would I do? Would I even walk up the hill?

It is already hard to give up something that you hope for, not to mention when the possibility of "reoccurence" is super slim, if not impossible! You are like giving up your ONE and LAST chance that can make your dream/hope come true!!

Really need lots of wisdom, courage and guidance from God! My only assurance is in God Himself, not that He can fulfill and give, but He will for sure be with me no matter what! Is my faith big and strong enough? Lord, teach me and show me!