Monday, July 30, 2007

The Crazy PoPo

Hahah .. can't believe Popo is still as crazy after all these years ... well, here's another proof.

As some of you know that I'm "on drugs" lately due to my stomach problem. Thank God, I'm half way through now .. Yesterday was a great and happy day as it's my dad's bday, so we went out for dinner .. and of cuz there's delicious wine (haha! yes, I quite enjoy drinking nice red wine~~).

Before I take a sip, I was thinking .. "Hm .. I'm on drugs .. am I suppose to refrain from alcoholic drinks." But soon after I'm like .. nah, I'll just taste a bit .. it should be fine. So I took couple sip .. and within a few minutes, I could feel the burning effect in my stomach .. then I realized it wasn't a good idea .. so I gave the rest of my glass to my brother .. and said: "don't think it's a good idea to drink tonight ... you can have more and I can drive!!"

How crazy and silly am I to try pushing my limit!! hahaha

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


輾轉經過差不多幾個月的時間 [其實又真係唔洗咁耐 ... 係我自己 睇下拖下拖下先再睇下之故], 終於找尋到 stomach discomfort 的原因 ... 係因為一種叫 H. Pylori(XX"羅旋菌)的菌在作怪. 據醫生說有這種菌一定要淸, 因為輕則會胃潰瘍, 胃炎, 但日子久了還未能淸便可能會導致胃出血甚至胃癌. 所以這個一向逃避食藥的人, 便乖乖的聽醫生吩咐去配藥 ...

不過今次都幾"惡" "kan" ... 不單藥較貴, 要一次過食足七日 ... 每日要"kan"八粒""藥丸 (excuse me .. it's really a BIG challenge to someone dislike taking medicine!!!). [遲D 影張相過你睇] 不過謝謝神比我有一個好好的心理預備, 皆因兩日後要外遊的我未能開始療程, 足足有兩個星期時間比我作好心理準備及練習 (yes ... I really need it, trust me...)

原來有好多事我都 take it for granted ... 其中一樣便是健康 ... "誰會珍惜當你還擁有?" - 警惕警惕!!


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Love is ...

[ok .. I'll try to blog more .. but you got to remind me from time to time =P]

Lately, the promotion by Red Cross for blood giving is back .. which reminds me of their slogan "Blood is in you to give" .. which I had once changed to "Love is in me to give, Christ is in me to live" (credit to a friend who complete that last piece for me) ... Yes, this is still a big reminder to myself.

Christians are called to love .. do I really know what love is? I'm not sure, but I'll try and trust that in God's grace I'd know more and more ... Honestly, it is really not that fun a journey; the more I tried the more I am scare and unsure ... But God never fails, he reminds me often.

When I was studying .. I need to read and meditate on 1Co 13: 1-3 over and over again often ... I'm afraid that the more knowledge I gain, the more love I lost .. If my knowledge is only good enough for me to point out what others did not do right or meet God's standard, I'm just being a resounding gong and a clanging cymbal!!! NOOO!!! (Being a visual person, I did picture myself being a resounding gong, it's quite disgusting .. so NO THANKS~~)

Yet .. what is love? I read something today that I really really like ..

"Love is never blind to others' faults. It sees them clearly, but is not threatened. It admits disappointment, but forgives and continues to be warmly involved." (Crabb, Larry. Inside Out. p.200)

I really REALLY *REALLY* agree to what Dr. Crabb said ... to love is not to ignore or pretend others' faults do not exists. I think that is 溺愛 .. "super spoiled" ... not healthy and probably naive, as we are not trying to assist each other to grow to be better ... Love is not to measure how much I will be disadvantaged or how much I might be hurt by the other person, either because he / she is too good or too weak. Love is to be honest to ourselves and to others of the pain we experienced, yet we persistent to be involved ... the persistence to love ... not being threatened to do so or forced to do so by the outter environment or circumstances .. but out from our heart, our willingness.

Jesus lived it out to its fullness~~ Jesus loves us that He is not blind to our faults. He sees through us clearly, but is not threatened. He admits disappointments from our wrongdoings, but forgives and continues to be warmly involved in our lives that he invited us to open our lives to him and promised that he is with us always~~