Wednesday, January 09, 2008

"Overcomer" ©

Saw a passage today, it is really meaningful that I wanna share.

"Lord, You know i'm pushing on
to run this race
i fix my eyes on You
in everything i face
even when my feelings say it isn't so
Your Truth that beats
inside my heart won't let me go
with every step of faith,
You strengthen me
along every mile of trust,
You're remaking me
'tho a trail of tears
mark the path that i've come
until in Your arms...
i'll continue to run
(Heb 12:1-22, 2 Cor 4: 8-9)", Jan 8, 08

Yes, we are all running a race, but whose strength are we relying on to run this race? Our inborn physical strength, our intelligence, our endurance or our will? As this passage, we need to realize we are not running this race on our own, but with our God. We need to learn not to run in our own strength, but rely on Him who strengthens us to finish this race; no matter short or long. No matter where you are in the race, it is never too late to pick up and continue to run your race with Him, with His strength.

Realizing His presence and He's running the race with us is not the toughest to learn, but to rely on Him and not ourselves. At times, I thought I learned how to rely, yet I start to realize more and more that I am inadequate in it. I'm still using my own strength to protect myself from hurt, I'm often using my talent and skills to "secure" my life/path/goal. But it's never too late to learn and to continue learning. I'm sure He's sooo pleased whenever God sees us walking back onto the right path, standing up from where we fell and continue to move forward in our journey - and He'll put on a BIG smile when looking at us.

Also, the phrase "i fix my eyes on You in everything i face even when my feelings say it isn't so" caught and touched me most. Yes, we need to trust Him and His Word for He's faithful, and not merely our feelings. I sometimes wonder if I can trust unconditionally all the time ... It's tough, but I believe and trust that it is not undoable.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


因為上一次的革命尚未成功, 最近又再次進入與H. Pylori(XX"羅旋菌)的戰鬥中. 唉! 不知怎的便是和它紏纏不清, 真是廢解!! 昂貴的藥物已經令錢包叫苦連天, 但最苦都係這個一星期的療程, 每天要定時吃數粒的大大藥丸. 療程都未到一半, 我的口腔已經苦不堪言, 不知天下間有什麼食物或飲品可以化解.

這個世界看事物永遠都有兩面, 今次的另一面便是叫我這個對藥物反感度極高的人, 終於學懂吞吃藥丸 ... 哈哈哈!!

不過真是好苦 ... 但苦口良藥, 都要堅持 ... 希望今次的 84% 成功率兌現吧!