Saturday, June 20, 2009

送給妳的 ...

還不懂得反應, 甚至理性和感性都未有好好溝通, 但忽然很想把內心的重化為這首所謂的詩獻給妳和妳愛的人.
To: Jenny

懷念妳 懷念妳
妳不愛高談闊論 妳卻有細密心意
沒有哈哈大笑 卻有幽默心思
雖沒向妳傾吐心事 卻是相愛相知

細少的妳 勇氣可不少
堅守著信念 默默在作戰
默默承受 默默禱告
卧在病床上 仍為親愛人設想
皆因深信 愛是恆久

懷念妳 懷念妳
深信妳已在主懷中 受到主愛與看守
活在天堂的一角 等著我們再聚首

懷念妳 永遠懷念妳

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Self-discipline ... Self-control ...

I hate the feeling of running after time, so I prefer being organized and usually would start planning and doing various little stuff ahead to get myself organized ... But May and June has been ridiculous ... Ridiculously busy and full of unexpected/unplanned events.

So here I am feeling pressed of the *SOON* due assignmentSS ... *sigh* ... Yet I am still procrastinating .... Due to seem like a mission impossible, do not have idea as to where to start the biggest assignment, feeling fatigue, being lazy ... etc etc ... can give you (and most importantly myself!!) tons more, yet I know these are all excuses!!

When did I start being a person lack of self-discipline and self-control? Really annoyed and frustrated about it~~ I know it is not by my own strength and will but at times I'm too proud to stop and ask God for the peace and strength; simply want to do it by my strength ... probably just like dealing with this assignment!!! *sigh* Lord, really need your peace, your rest, and your reminder so that I truly know who is God!

"Be still, and know that I am God!"