Wednesday, February 14, 2007

繁星 stars

星期五晚上在繁忙的都市中看到天上又多又亮的星, 真是有點愕然! 然後我便記起於前一晚睡前的一個禱告/感覺 ... (話說) 因為我愛星, 於房中貼了一些夜光的星星. 那晚躺在床上看著這些"星星", 想到神的祝福便如星般在我生命中, 不斷的閃燃, 又多又亮. 千變萬化, 永遠都數不完, 數不盡. 感恩過後, 我刻意地記著自己這番話, 因不想忘記 ... 星星是神對我祝福的記號 ... 想不到第二天晚上便看到真的星星!! 真的要好好數算神的恩典. 然後星期日的回應詩是 - 數算主恩. 多奧妙~~

On Friday night, I was surprised to see many stars twinkled in the sky. Could clearly see them even in the city!! Then I recalled the prayer / feeling I had the night before ... 'Cuz I like stars, I have some glow-in-the-dark stars stick in my bed room. Starring at them that night, a thought came to mind - God's blessings are like stars in my life, twinkle continuously, abundance in quantity and in quality ... stars are the signs of God's blessings to me .. and how wonderful it is that I was able to see REAL stars shining in the sky the next evening!! Really need to count His blessing. It didn't stop there ... on Sunday, the response song is "count your blessing". How amazing~~