Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The insane popo

While I'm waiting for my co-worker .. I'll use this little time to blog a SUPER funny incident of the CraZy PoPo ..

I was pretty tired these days with lots of stuff going on ... Not so much as physical tiredness but stressed and mental tiredness .. so that's actually worse for me.

Having noticed that I was tired, my senior manager said, "why don't we go down to get a tea?" (we were out at a client site, so we do need to go down to the ground floor to get a tea). So we went.

As usual, I got my hot water, the tea bag .. got 2 milk, opened one, poured it into the tea, and threw it to the garbage .. then opened the other one and poured it to the garbage too .. then ... OOPS ... where should this empty package go??!!!! ARRRR .. I ACTUALLY poured it to the garbage!!!! HAHAHAHHAA .. I just couldn't help laughing .. and when I told my co-workers later tonight .. I couldn't stop laughing that my tears went down too ..

That's silly popo losing her mind~~

1 comment:

Ray said...

hahaha... it's better than you opening and drinking the milk and throwing away ur tea... lucky Po...