Monday, September 18, 2006

Give thanks for such a wonderful home group

Yesterday, I was listening to "Give thanks" .. a very familiar tune that I probably have all lyrics memorized and can "recite" without much thought ... Yet the version I was listening to is a bit different ... it's slower and much *grand* ... so I was able to really "taste and see" the lyrics ... then it moved my heart so deep that I was in tears~~~ Yes ... there's really a lot I give thanks for and I have been giving thanks for ... cuz I know .. without God, there's no me ... at least not the one everyone is seeing now. God really takes me through a lot!! I give thanks for all the goodnesses He gifted me .. I also give thanks for all the challenges for I always found Him there beside me .. walking with me.

Then today .. we had an awesome home group gathering .. I give thanks for my home group .. as I really see how the group grew together .. how our bondings deepen .. how we support each other in our faith journey ... It is true that our faith may differ within the group, some may be stronger, some weaker ... Yet from the sharing I see how we were each others' support to grow deeper in Christ .. It is really amazing and touches my heart. I know that's the fellowship that God really calls us for; that's the church that God builds.

I was just in awe sitting there, listening to brothers and sisters of all ages witnessing the work of God ... life changing witnesses ... God's been doing amazing things among us, but let us not just sit back and enjoy the moment for too long ... I'm sure God has a lot more blessings for us to see and taste ahead ... We haven't reached the goal yet ... Let's continue to taste and see His blessings and doings all along the race.

"Taste and see that the Lord is good ... " (Psalms 34:8)

P.S. I was reading the above scripture one Friday morning with a best friend of mine in a very quiet yet beautiful retreat site ... In green pastures .. w/ quiet waters ... so nice ... When I read the passage ... "taste" and "see" really jumped out at me ... and when I think more on the passage ... I kinda see the following: "see" is more passive .. cuz when something happens in front of us or around us .. we see automatically no matter if you want to or intended to or not. Yet "taste" requires an action of ours ... to willing to experience something, to take that in and to taste it (not swallow) .. it needs a leap of faith. It gave me a challenge at the time, I was asking how was I, am I and will I taste the goodness of the Lord ... Yet today ... I saw it a bit differently ... I saw that God is still in control .. He's still the one taking initiative. He not only let me see .. but let me taste His goodness .. so that I know first hand that He's really good ... that the little faith me can really know deep in the heart that He is good!! I'm still a baby in His arm getting fed!! Hahaha .. got to admit .. this feels good!! (yea yea .. I know .. I can't be a baby all the time .. but just for a little while, ok?? ) But my conclusion is still unchange! Yes, God is good and God is really good!!! With a sincere prayerful heart, I pray that one day my beloved parents can experience His goodness and the love and joy that He brings.

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