Saturday, December 09, 2006


I don't like complaining about work [Well .. to be more exact, I used to .. until I realize it is a minitry God entrusts me, and in it I can experienced Him more and more and enjoy His presence and the joy of Ministry. .. Of cuz, the fact that it is almost impossible to find anyone on earth who really understands and can emphathize your pressure, struggles is also another factor. so I'm better at not complaining ...) ... but I'm to a point that I really need to vent badly .. cuz I've spent ridiculous hours on something that should be quickly done in half a day originally!!!!

Have this pretty simple project in the midst of my much bigger and complex engagement and school work is .. well .. of cuz not what I prefer, but thought it is manageable .. cuz it's rather simple.

I guess we really can't overestimate our ability ... the first time when I saw the file after the senior performed the work .. I was quite frustrated .. but I thought .. well, may be he's never done such an engagement in Montreal .. may be I wasn't supervising enough since I was so busy at the other client ... so I gave him detailed explanation, instructions, and my expectations .. and spent like an hour going through those with him. Yet, when I returned the day before the partner reviewed the file ... I almost "au blood" ... not to mention the details .. so I worked with him to get the files in an ok shape for the partner to review.

The partner of course have some comments on some of the deliverables ... thinking it is just some straight amendment of word documents .. I asked the senior to take care of those on the last day before he is flying back to Montreal ... Coming in the office today (Saturaday) to clear this ... I really don't know what I'm feeling now .. cuz I've been through the frustration, the "au blood" stage .. It needs to be done .. and so I just have to spend the "unbudgetted" time fixing stuff ... Having to deal with all these stuff on top of claiming the client regarding staffing .. is really really really and very very annoying.

Well .. having written the above .. felt I over-reacted .. it's not really a big deal ... may be I still haven't recovered from my super lack of sleep in the past week or so. EQ is thus kinda low .. yet the requests and expectations are non-stop ... Ya .. a bit overwhelmed .. though thank God that I have my own little "sky" to vent~~

Really need to TASTE to fully and truly rely on God~~

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Ray said...

As you said, I might not know exactly what is happening, but I've been thru "au blood" stage by contractor's work in projects too. So i guess I can kind of get how you feel. Well, at least the "au-ing blood" feeling should be more or less the same =P

However, I also see patience in you. and how responsible you are. I'm sure these qualities are somehow positively influencing others at work somehow. They see Christians. They see love. They see God.

Hope u'll get more sleep soon ! =)