Monday, July 30, 2007

The Crazy PoPo

Hahah .. can't believe Popo is still as crazy after all these years ... well, here's another proof.

As some of you know that I'm "on drugs" lately due to my stomach problem. Thank God, I'm half way through now .. Yesterday was a great and happy day as it's my dad's bday, so we went out for dinner .. and of cuz there's delicious wine (haha! yes, I quite enjoy drinking nice red wine~~).

Before I take a sip, I was thinking .. "Hm .. I'm on drugs .. am I suppose to refrain from alcoholic drinks." But soon after I'm like .. nah, I'll just taste a bit .. it should be fine. So I took couple sip .. and within a few minutes, I could feel the burning effect in my stomach .. then I realized it wasn't a good idea .. so I gave the rest of my glass to my brother .. and said: "don't think it's a good idea to drink tonight ... you can have more and I can drive!!"

How crazy and silly am I to try pushing my limit!! hahaha


GY said...

post polly..... haha

po said...

hahaha ... thanks for reminding~~~ yes .. need to try .. try harder.

Micheline said...

Good for people to know.