Monday, March 31, 2008

Learning to pray boldly

I'm a slow learner, always need to take the time for things to sink down both in heart and in mind before I can grab a new idea / concept. Been working on a group project lately re: boldness in prayers ... I guess after a month of hard work, it seems to "sink" a bit for me.

I start to challenge myself more as I pray ... do I really mean it? Do I really believe that God can do that? Don't pray superficial prayers! Because of my assurance in Him, I can pray boldly!! These all go through my mind as I pray. No new lesson, it's probably something I've heard since going to church, yet it is making more and more sense to me, continue to lit me over time ... That I believe is REALITY~~

"Taste and see that the Lord is good ... " (Ps 34:8) - one of my favorite bible verses which I like it more and more over time, for I never fail to see THE goodness as I prompt to taste and see.

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