Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mar 1008 poem

I like poems .. a good way to express feelings, wild ideas and many more ... Haven't written for long that it's getting rusty (though I wonder if it ever being better =P ). Anyway, here's an idea came to mind again that I would like to dedicate to all my dear friends~~

Mar 1008 poem
You are an awesome creation
. in the image of Your Master
You have tons of potential
. for being who you are

With the fall of human nation
. creatures are all being defaced
Thanks to His unfailing love
. we are never effaced

For His great mercies and love
. genuine fellowship is made available
In truth, in love, and in wisdom
. we build each other up to the optimal potential

Should I shy away from being pinpointed my weaknesses
. remind me of this fishy poem
Gently and continuously stand by my side
. holding me up and be my companion

Forgive my straight abrasive comments
. there are no harmful intention
Forgoing my gentle reputation
. for a growing brighter star

Treasure your genuine fellowship
. and the walk with me today
Remembering every bit of it
. till the everlasting day

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