Sunday, May 25, 2008

still more thoughts ...

It is depressing and sad to hear news these days: the increasing number of death, the number of missing ... In order to make it less depressing, I think, many news channels put in one or two "touching" stories of those being saved after 48, 72 etc. hours of the earthquake ... Honestly, I have a mixed feeling after hearing them ...

On the one hand, it is exciting and encouraging to know that more people are saved!!! They survived!! It is amazing~~ Yet, I also feel sad and sorry for these people ... for their sufferings, shorter, longer, or even for life ... It's just heartbroken having to learn what kind of suffering they have to endure. It leads me to see how much these people treasure and value their lives that they are determined in seeking survival, LIFE!! How much do I treasure my life? How much do I treasure my various relationships? Would they be significant enough for me to endure much hardships?? What a great big reflection!!

I, at times, wonder if it were to happen in a more developed country or city, would the "survival rate" (# of people saved after say 48 hours or above) be as high? I have an intuitive impression that it would be lower ... cuz having lived in abundance, convenience, and enormous choices .... we seem to forget what suffering is ... It is something we avoid instead of endure~~ We are never trained to endure hardship, we just run away from them, we give up too soon~~~ What are we teaching our next generation? Or are we simply feeding and providing for our next generation without leading them to maturity?? How about myself?? Am I trying to run away and take an easier route to avoid pains and suffering? Or do I really know what I am doing and convicted of my actions and endurance?

Ooops ... think too far ... My prayers are with Sichuan and Burma~ Sichuan and Burma hang in there~~ We are all standing by you ... It's tough, but you can do it~~ No, WE can do it, cuz you are not alone!

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