Sunday, May 25, 2008

more thoughts ...

Hm ... a year's past~~ Do I like my birthday?? Honestly, "MY" birthday - I don't know if I really like it much ... I guess if I learn to love myself more, I probably would like it better, feeling more of a celebration .... My problem!! Though I know cerebrally for no matter how I feel, the fact is I'm fearfully and wonderfully made~~ ^.^ (challenge is to learn it from the heart~)

Thank you for all my friends who remember the day and care to send me msg or call wishing me a happy birthday~~ For sure you made the day happier, brighter and better~~ Thank you for those who celebrated my bday and those who even remember to get my favourite cake!!! (It's REALLY a surprise~~ hahaha ... think I gave you yet a bigger surprise for not recognizing it =P ... sooo embarrassing!!! but the thoughtfulness is much much appreciated~~) Thanks for those who somehow inspired me to "trap" myself to blow tea candles as bday candles!!! (still can't get over my stupidity~~ =P but it's lots of FUN~~) Thank you friends and family - without you, my life would be dull and colorless, without you, I would not be me!!

One thing I like about bday is the "excuse" to get together and catch up with old good friends. Nothing is better than catching up with friends, sharing DEEP full of laughters and even tears, and perhaps prayers ... No any present is better than your thoughtfulness, expressing in humor or sincerity, or both, and your presence, physically, audibly or electronically or however creatively. They all touch my heart deeply every year. After all, I really should learn to celebrate birthday, not because of me for I've lived one more year, but the fact that I have someoneS who filled my life with many wonderful deeds, love, laughters, and memories for another year.

Thank you my dear friends and family, each of you are a Great BIG blessing to my life~~~ THANK you!! Thank you Lord, for your fearfully and wonderfully made creations, and having put them in my life~~

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