Wednesday, January 14, 2009

滿有恩典的交通意外 A very blessed car accident

交通意外絕對是我想避免的, 無論是大是小, 總要花上好些時間去處理事件. 與其他相關車主交涉, 報案, 報燕梳, 煩煩複複 ...

今天, 一個絕對寒冷非常的日子, 我便遇上了交通意外 ... 被撞的一刻, 感到相當的無奈, 憁惱 ... 但當事件繼續發展我看到神對我莫大的看顧及恩典 ...

1. 剛與父母親吃畢午飯, 他們便在附近, 很快便能到場協助 =)
2. 因我和父母飯後原要到不同的地方, 所以各自駕車, 父母並沒有同車, 以致沒有受傷.
3. 因下著微雪, 地面非常滑, 駕駛速不度不高, 也因地面沒有太大的阻力, 減少對我及車的受損. (被撞時, 我只感到我的車子是飄著, 不是被推著!) 雖然對方的車子是直接撞向我的位置(司機車門), 但我並沒有損傷.
4. 神給我出乎意外的平安, 以致我能沈靜地與各方交涉.
5. 對方車主願意合作地交換車牌, 燕梳等資料.
6. 因沒有人受傷, 911 說不用派警察到場; 但在最適當的時候便有一輛警車路過, 助我們達到共識~~
7. 將近農曆新年, 不用花費太多, 車子便可以有一件"新衣" - 正確來說是新門 =).

神的恩典真是遠超我所想所求, 也真是十分的夠我用!! 謝謝您, 天父, 您時常的看守及無微不致的愛護!

Car accident, no matter big or small, is something I wanna avoid. Lots of time and efforts are needed to take care of one ... to communicate with the other involved drivers, reporting to police, reporting to insurance ... very time consuming and tiring.

Today, an extremely cold day, I had a car accident ... I felt really depressed and frustrated when I got hit ... but seeing how everything unflowed, I see the Great Big love and protection of God ...

1. Just had lunch with parents, so they were nearby and could come assist very shortly.
2. As me and my parents were planning to go different places after lunch that we both drove, parents weren't in the same car with me, so that they were not hurt or anything.
3. Due to the snowy weather, the ground was very wet, both car weren't driving in high speed. Also due to the wetness, friction was greatly reduced that protected me and also reduced the damage of my car (when my car got hit, I felt that me and my car were flying instead of being pushed - a very smooth slide over). Though the other car hit directly to the driver's door, I wasn't injured.
4. God gave me peace that I could be calm in dealing with various parties.
5. The other driver was cooperative in exchanging information, such as driver's license, insurance etc
6. Initially, the 911 call center said they are not going to call any cop over as no one was injured; but at the most suitable time, a cop drove by and helped us get things settled.
7. My car can have a "new coat" (to be exact, a new door) for the Chinese New Year, without me having to spend much.

God's blessings are way beyond what I can imagine, and for sure are more than enough for me!! Thank you Lord, thank you for your protection and care ALWAYS!! Really really thankful~~


Kezia said...

Po, thank God that you haven't got hurt. Even though it's very "mah farn" to get into car accident, but i'm glad that you can still see so many blessings from God in it ah. Hope all the "aftermath procedure" be done soon la.

Hilda said...

unexpected disagreeable things happen in life but I'm glad that you can see God's strong Hand taking care of you in this matter! Hope that He will continue to sustain you with a peace of mind to deal with this matter and the possible inconveniences.

Alice said...

Hey good that you are not hurt and no serious damage. I am glad that you can see his blessing even in the car accident. My Dad just had a car accident last week, he got burise in his forehead, but I thank God that he is ok, God protect us and also our family =)