Saturday, February 14, 2009

Extra caution needed on weekend/holiday driving!!

I was on the road very early today to drop my brother off at the airport. Weather was nice ... traffic was good as it wasn't too busy, was able to drive max speed. Yet while I was enjoying my ride on my way back home, within 10 min, I witnessed couple EXTREMELY dangerous "ACTS" on the highway. First, a car was trying to get into the highway from a ramp, obviously couple cars in front of me had slowed down for him/her to get out from the ramp .. yet the driver still hesitated and ended up staying in the soon-ended lane. As a result, it came to a full stop at the little "triangular" space between the right lane and the lane from the ramp; everyone drove by it slowly and cautiously. Witnessing that, I fear for him/her ... wondering how he/she is ever going to get into the highway safely? All the cars passing by is at a speed of close to 80km/h if not 100km/h or more, while it needs to accelerate from 0km/h.

Then shortly after, when I was about to take the ramp off to Yonge St, I saw a car with white light slowly BACKING out from the ramp!! It scared me BIG time!! It did safely reached the "triangular" area where the lanes split as I drove passed it .. but it was extremely scary. What if I didn't see it and didn't get to slow down/ stop in time??

Really not sure what to say ... other than ... Drive with extra caution on weekends and holidays, my friends!! Though traffic is less, the road might be more dangerous than driving on weekday rush hours!! *sigh*

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