Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lecture in the Dark

As usual we had our class tonight at 6:30pm ... at around 7:20/25pm, the light suddenly went out. When we look out of the building, the neighborhood was out of light and so were street lights. Given that everyone was eager to continue on the discussion and to hear the insights from the professor on the topic, we all agreed to continue on despite there was only very limited lighting - from emergency lights out at the hallway, and some classmates' laptop screen.

Amazingly, we continued studying like that for another half an hour patiently and hoping that electricity will be back again. Unfortunately, there was still no electricity in school and the surrounding neighborhood that we had to cut our class short and ended at 8pm.

It was quite an experience having a lecture in almost complete darkness, and fun to continue pressing on my cell phone for some lighting to help me make more organized notes. What I found was really amazing is that despite the severe learning continue, everyone was still very eager to learn, and the professor was diligently teaching and giving all that he had. That is a beautiful picture - very comparable to one of my favorites "glow in the dark".

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