Sunday, July 05, 2009

Side by Side

As we walk side by side,
and as His love becomes our guide,
we will join hands and be one family
because God's love is what the world should see.

As we build each other up,
He fills our heart with His love,
we will join hands so all the world can see
we are the Lord's own family.

We are the Lord's own family,
our love is what the world see,
and as we uses His love to build each other up
We're building up the Lord's own family

一首我很是喜愛的<<團歌>>. 歌詞很是有意思, 每次唱都溫暖我心.
今天有機會再唱這歌時, 我唱時又再一度熱淚盈眶. (上一次類同事件都差不多是五年前的事罷了, 是團友歡送我植堂時所唱的, 情境爍爍在目 ... 那次的我是強忍著淚水). 今天也是因離別令我再次唱這歌時熱淚盈眶 - 因這是我們送給 Jenny 的一份禮物, 一份心意, 告訴在天家的她, 我們永遠也是她的家人, 她的弟兄姊妹.

追思會中, 述說 Jenny 的一生及分享團契弟兄姊妹 "合筆" 給她寫的一封信 ... 每一個的追憶都是那麼的窩心.

Jenny, 真的很懷念妳, 感謝天父讓我有機會和天使一般的妳於地上相識, 更深信我們會在天家再聚~~ 期盼這一天 ... 但我會好好緊記妳給我們最後的一句說話, 訓勉: 好好珍惜我們的生命氣息, 把握時機盡心事奉主!

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