Monday, January 04, 2010

A Great Privilege

Praise the Lord for giving me a great privilege to witness His transforming power in people's lives and how they can be blessings to others which creates a wonderful community!

Today, I witnessed a change in a 10-year-old little girl. As I was giving praise, God led me to realize the change is not only in the 10-year-old, but her whole family!

I still vividly remember couple years ago in our church's missions conference where I helped introduce some Christian organizations to the children. I learned this one fascinating and amazing story of this organization that greatly testifies the power of the Gospel (how a lame beggar was healed and now he's serving God faithfully in that village spreading the Gospel). Thinking that it is interesting and powerful, I told the kids when I was introducing this organization. This little girl gave me a quick response that got me grief and reflect deeply what value systems are we teaching our next generation. She innocently challenged why are we using so many resources on one little beggar, someone so useless and worthless in society (I believe most of us had similar mindset when we were young and while our parents try to get us study harder in school).

Today, I witness how gracious, loving, and kind this little girl was towards an older kid who is a special need child. This is not a one-time thing for I observed their relationship for some time, and I can see how comfortable and joyful this other child is when with the 10-year-old. This won't come overnight, no, not for this child at least! I am really touched and thankful for the change in this little girl's heart and mind. This is life transformation.

Pondering deeper, I realize this change is facilitated through, not her own, but the life transformation in her family ... the life transformation of both of her father and mother as their love and faith in God grow and deepen, they are able to raise their child according to the heart of God enabling the love of God be manifested through His own creation - this little girl. Thus, she can be a blessing to others. That’s amazing!!! Truly amazing!!

It is true that ministry is full of toils and sweats and even pains and tears, yet it is so worth it when we have the privilege to witness the power of the Gospel, the life transforming power of God’s work in people's lives~~ To see how God works in and through people to be blessings of others!

Speechless ... but deeply touched and thankful~~ You are truly worthy of all praises, Lord!

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