Saturday, December 26, 2009

random ...

I really am longing for a real break ... It's been a week after I finished my exam and assignments, yet my life is continue to be driven by other tasks / commitments / last minute "urgency" ... Continue to be in debt to my lovely "sleep."

Sometimes I wonder do I know what am I getting myself into? Why don't I insist in not helping when asked ... but then is it what God asks me to be? to have a comfy life? .... On the other hand, it is also a struggle to help, struggle to just give God very rough "offering," ("求其"的事奉) with little time of preparation, little prayers and meditation; not giving Him my best. Struggles never end, yet God is gracious .... Though it continues to bother me as to where to draw the line ... maybe maybe ... maybe that's not the answer God wants me to answer ... I just need to be on my knees~~

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