Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busyness ...

Despite the number of times I said I need to get away from the busyness, get away from being occupied with and being driven by many various tasks ... I always find myself being caught in busyness time after time~~

Is busyness really unavoidable for people in this century? I hope not, cuz in my busyness, I can't breathe. Well, to be exact, when I'm so busy that my life is being driven by the various activities, I feel stressed, and feel so burdened that I can't breathe. I'm sure this is a signal that I need a break~~

This signal has been on for a few weeks now, but no break yet still ... so bad~~~ Thank God that He always gave me a way out ... only in quietness, in prayers, in singing, and in writing that I can find pieces of myself (and peace in myself!) in this busyness.

I was very upset with myself this morning when I got to church ... It's a gospel Sunday, and I intended to try asking mom to come. I had been praying about it for a while too, yet I forgot about it totally from Wed on ... I even saw mom and talked to her for a bit this morning over breakfast and I still didn't recall the gospel Sunday until I entered into our "gathering place." I blamed it on this busyness, yet I felt bad too. Why didn't I just ask earlier? I felt guilty for not praying for it till the end, for letting it slip off my mind ...

Yet, God is good ... Though tired, I joined choir practice tonight. I was able to connect with a sister for a little chat, and then couple hours of practice on a number of very meaningful Christmas hymns. They remind me the goodness of God. God is good, God is so good that He knows when I need to be lifted up and be encouraged~~ His timing is always soo perfect~~

Let me not let my eyes slip away from Him in the midst of my busyness, as He's my strength and energy, the One who sustains me through~~

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