Thursday, December 17, 2009

Season of Advent

Advent - a season of joy? a season of anticipation?

In this Advent season, many memories came to mind, to be accurate, not very pleasant, painful, hurtful memories ... At times these bother me, not only do they bother me as they trigger my emotions, they bother me also because of "guilt": ain’t I suppose to expect for Him joyfully in this season? Why these sad stories?

But as I let them flow and touch me deep down, I found that there is a beautiful message in every one of my story ... He is there, He sees, He touches it, and He delivered me!! Without Him, my life will be so different!!

This is the reason I can be joyful and joyfully expecting His return and to celebrate His birth! God's good! So Good! He's good for who He is, and He just make it so much more understandable and apprehend-able through His touch on me, over my life~~

God teach me to be grateful and thankful!! And these are the attitudes I need as I am awaiting in this season. Continue to give thanks for what He had done. Let me rejoice, rejoice in anticipation~~~

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